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Enquiries may be received in several forms, by telephone, letter, e-mail or facsimile. Sometimes, SRICERT, on its own may also approach prospective clients.

Signing of Agreement:

On acceptance of the quotation, SSC and applicant company shall sign the agreement which consist the terms and conditions of the certification

Appointment of Audit Team:

After receiving the signed copy of the agreement SSC official will generate the work order and select the audit team as per the scope/industry and communicate to client company as well as auditor and obtain the consent with no conflict of interest and execution of the audit on mutually agreed date.

Stage 1 Audit:

The audit team conduct the stage 1 audit on site and verify the effectiveness of the client Procedure, manual and other documents as per the requirement of the standard. It is also verified during the stage 1 audit that client organization is ready for the stage 2 audit or not. In case there are some Non conformities are identified by the Audit Team then client organization has to close all which shall be verify ate Stage 2 audit.

NC Stage 2 Audit:

After completion of stage 1 audit and closure of NC, if any the Stage 2 Audit is conducted and Audit Team verify all the evidences on sampling basis of the Management system of the client organization. Audit Team shall communicate to the client organization the Non conformities, if any. After closing the NC by the client organization the Team leader shall recommend to provide or not to provide the Certification to the client company.

Audit Report Review:

SSC shall conduct the audit report review and a report shall be given by the audit report reviewer for the certification decision.

Certification Decision:

SSC shall make the certification decision on the basis of the Audit Report, Audit Report Reviewer Report, Comments on Non conformities, recommendation whether or not to grant the certification.

Certificate Issue:

Once the report has been successfully reviewed a Registration Certificate and Registration Schedule along with Logo Rules will be issued, usually within 15 working days of completion of the audit.

Surveillance Audit:

Surveillance Audit is conducted at least once in a year therefore two Surveillance audits are conducted during the certification cycle to continue the certification.

Recertification Audit:

After expiry of three years of the certification a recertification audit is conducted for continuation of the next cycle.